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Change Agent

Posted at 6:00 AM on November 6, 2009 by Dale Connelly (30 Comments)

I found the following soggy note pasted to my desk this morning. A hunk of something like seaweed was smeared across the middle, but I was able to make out these words:

Avast, ye spoiled whiners!

I caught wind of yer parley just yesterday on that there blog regardin' the need fer second chances an' how sometimes a fresh start makes a world o' difference.

But in reviewin' th' transcript, It caught me one good eye that nowhere in th' discussion of second careers an' second marriages an' cross-country moves an' new lifestyles an' whatnot, did any of ye landlubbin' gasbags mention the one most obvious point about "change" - that th' very best way to mark th' end of one chapter an' th' beginning of a new chapter is to punctuate it by spendin' a stretch o' time at sea in th' company of a band o jolly pirates!

With them new job loss numbers comin' out today, I expects t' have more candidates than ever fer a once-in-a-lifetime life changin' experience.

A strong dose o' Pirate fellowship is quite effective at demarkin' the barrier between whatever you was doin' before an' whatever you is about to be doin' hence. Pirates has utter disregard fer all old habits an' every kind o' rule whether it be societal, personal or otherwise. Wardrobe, behavior, dietary, sleep-related ... all these here aspects of yer life changes completely when you falls in with pirates. Even a short while spent on board a vessel like our Muskellunge will hit yer "reset" button fer sure!

We is bookin' excursions right now fer winter months in th' southern hemisphere.

Fees is reasonable an' operates on a slidin' scale fer rich an' poor alike - basically you slides over t' us all that you has, an' we takes you on 'til we's had enough or you manages t' escape.

After yer therapeutic pirate experience aboard the Muskellunge, th' world will suddenly seem FULL o' fresh starts an' second chances!

That there's a guarantee!

Capt. Billy

Have you ever taken a trip that was so memorable, you divide your life into "before" and "after" categories?

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