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Rumor Has It

Posted at 5:55 AM on November 4, 2009 by Dale Connelly (21 Comments)

Radio Heartland has tickets for you to see Tim Ericksen at the Cedar Cultural Center this coming Thursday night! We'll close off entries at 1pm today.

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I read an article yesterday about gossip.

See, there was this study to find out how people in groups talked about other people behind their backs.

I didn't actually SEE any of the people who were part of this research project and I didn't HEAR what they said, BUT ... the word is ... (and I have this on good authority) ... this group that "allowed" themselves to be "studied" (like they didn't enjoy the attention) became more and more savage about people the longer the conversation lasted. YES! Incredible!

And the only thing that would stop it from being a total trash-fest was if some member of the group was brave enough to make a positive comment about the person in question EARLY in the conversation. Otherwise, it was pure carnage. Can you believe it? Who do these people think they are? God?

And if you're being dismantled by a group of your so-called "friends" and you don't get a defender after the first few salvos, you're toast. Because once negative comments start to build, the social pressure to conform becomes incredible and even people who really LIKE you will participate in your character assassination to protect THEMSELVES from RIDICULE!

Did you ever hear of anything so OUTRAGEOUS?

But you know what? As soon as I heard there was a study about gossip and this group was in it, I KNEW it was going to go badly. They are SO ...
Well ... you know how people are.

I'm not saying any of YOU were part of the group, but have you ever knowingly participated in a study of human behavior?

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