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The Time Travel Staycation

Posted at 4:56 AM on October 8, 2009 by Radio Heartlander (15 Comments)
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From the Desk of the Heartlanders
Guest Blogger - That Guy in the Hat

Technology continues to be an amazing and fascinating thing. Within the span of our lifetimes, we've seen gadgets and gizmos go from the realm of science fiction to commercial availability to practical indispensability. And while the strides that have been made are truly astounding, more are just around the corner. Perhaps hybrid cars will be the gateway to our long-awaited flying cars. Who knows?

But while we're waiting, did you know that there is a form of time travel that is available to you right now? At no cost? And without that pesky risk of altering history or having to obey a 'prime directive.'

Consider the cultural amalgam that is an antique store. Every antique store is like a unique time capsule; a repository of languages, history, and popular culture from all around the world. And an interesting thing happens when you put all those tokens from different times and places together. They start making associations with each other. Connections that you'd never expect but, once pointed out, make perfect sense.

Kind of like people.

Here are some unlikely "found" pairings.




If these were musical acts, what might they call themselves?

Edited to add! From Dale's desk, but not necessarily from Dale
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