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On The Air From The Fair

Posted at 7:00 AM on September 5, 2009 by Dale Connelly (5 Comments)

It's Labor Day weekend - and this year we get a stunning convergence of free time, fine weather and a full moon. What a remarkable few days we have to enjoy here at the end of summer - be sure to give yourself some time to take it all in!

Tonight on Radio Heartland on Minnesota Public Radio News, we'll hear some songs of the workplace, unionized and otherwise. Love is still and will always be the number one song topic. The Road is probably second, but work is definitely in the top ten. We'll hear about brave labor heroes, stalwart union maids, big bad bosses and boring machines in the first hour.

Hour two will take us back to the live Radio Heartland broadcast from the second day of the Minnesota State Fair. Musical guests Ann Reed, The Ditchlilies and BoJoNo put on a great show and we'll get some excerpts from the broadcast, plus a few bonuses from the two hour fairgrounds-only concert that came right afterwards.

Radio Heartland listener Darcy took some very nice photos of our musical friends.

Pictured below are Bojono (Joe Cruz, Boyd Lee and Noah Hoehn), Ann Reed and The Ditchlilies (Kari Larson and Lisa Schultz). Thanks, Darcy!

Darcy Fair Show Photo 2 BoJoNo.jpg
Darcy Fair Show Photo 3 Ann.jpg
Darcy Fair Photo 4 Ditchlilies.jpg

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