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A Fair Helping of Thanks

Posted at 5:30 AM on August 31, 2009 by Dale Connelly (21 Comments)

I'm grateful to all the Radio Heartland listeners who came out for our show at the Minnesota State Fair last Friday. It is a very good thing for our fledgling service to have an event where the audience can actually be seen. A salute to those who couldn't attend but were able to listen on the air or online or through the swell new addition to our State Fair World - the live webcam - we couldn't call it a broadcast without some people broadly dispersed over a wide geographical area listening (and watching). Thanks!

bloggers at fair.jpg

Afterwards, our Goat Pin Contingent (the Trial Balloon bloggers) stood for a group photo. Kudos to everyone, especially Sherrilee for making more of those famous buttons!

The show sounded great, thanks to the concerted efforts of our staff - producer Mike Pengra, audio engineers Cameron Wiley and Chris Heagle, with co-ordination by Josh Kubasta.

The music was the star of course, and for that all the credit goes to Ann Reed, The Ditchlilies and BoJoNo. We'll feature their performances in a special hour this coming Saturday night on the News and Information Service version of Radio Heartland.

The whole event was given some dramatic spice by Eric Ringham, Leslie Ball and Ochen Kaylan in the "Where's Eric" game, with able assistance from audience members Michelle, Brent, Carri, Maggie, Amanda and Lucas.

Support came from all directions! Without the able assistance of MPR's technical problem solvers Doug Rowe, Nathan Chervek and Michelle Field, along with Derrick Stevens and Jim McGuinn of The Current, the Where's Eric game would have been scrapped this year.

It turned out to be a win for Mr. Ringham, though I thought the streamlined structure of the game left inadequate time for a proper resolution. And when I finally caught up with Eric by phone on Saturday, he told a tale that made me sorry I hung up on him and Leslie with 3 minutes to go in the broadcast. If I had kept the lines open just one minute longer, the outcome might have been very, very different.

More on that in Trial Balloon tomorrow.

Our patient "Where's Eric" doll keepers at the edge of the stage were Lucy Anna, James and Bridget. They sat on the tarmac and made sure the already captured little Erics didn't re-hide on the fairgrounds. Good work, guys!

Finally, a word of thanks to That Guy In The Hat for posting from the stage and for adding crucial sound effects with only a moment's notice.

Today's Dale Connelly Show is a repeat of some previously recorded hours that Jasper found mostly unobjectionable. I'm taking the morning off to work as a volunteer at the fair, handing out information and moist towelettes at the MPR booth. If you're coming to the fair, please stop by the intersection of Judson and Nelson, say hello and have your picture taken!

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