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Hearing Voices

Posted at 4:50 AM on August 25, 2009 by Dale Connelly (30 Comments)

Thanks to Ann Reed for sitting in for me yesterday.
I'm impressed with how easily everyone tossed off Haikus.
Here's mine:

Nice to hear a voice
That is familiar but not
The same old blah blah.

UPDATE: The program changes sketched out below appear as they did in the original posting of this blog, but they are premature and will not go into effect on the dates I listed, and perhaps not with this schedule or these specific programs. My apologies if any Radio Heartland listeners feel misled. This information was also mistakenly distributed in a Member's Newsletter through no one's fault but my own. I jumped the gun on an announcement that hasn't been thoroughly reviewed.
Stay tuned for more details as we plan the future of Radio Heartland.

Speaking of that, Mike Pengra and I are planning some changes for Radio Heartland starting in September. It has been our goal since the beginning to get some additional voices on the air, based on my personal belief that sympathetic listeners will like the music well enough but long term loyalty to a radio station has a lot to do with the people who do the on-air work.

The happiest solution would be to hire a bunch of friendly, engaging announcers, but the trials and limitations of a start-up combined with the sluggish economy make it more likely that we will have Universal Health Care For All and perhaps a Moon Base before Radio Heartland is able to add new staff members.

One quick way to bring more personality to the stream is by using regional and national programs that are already being produced. Here we are able to catch a break - because HD radio and online streaming are technologies still in their infancy (relatively speaking), it doesn't cost much to put shows like "A Prairie Home Companion", "American Routes", "Mountain Stage" and "Thistle and Shamrock" into the schedule.

So ... staring September 5th, our weekend schedule will look like this:


9-11 am - American Routes with Nick Spitzer
11-noon - Thistle & Shamrock with Fiona Ritchie
Noon - 3 pm - The Dale Connelly show Hour 3 rebroadcasts from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


9-11 am - A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor
11am - 1pm - Mountain Stage with Larry Groce
1pm - 3 pm - The Dale Connelly Show Hour 3 rebroadcasts from Thursday and Friday

We're also trying to resolve some technical barriers to carrying A Prairie Home Companion when it is broadcast live at 5 pm on Saturday.
Wish us luck.

And finally, it is our plan to bring National Public Radio newscasts into the weekday morning hours at 6, 7 and 8 am, starting on September 8th. Whew!

I hope the result will be something with more personality that is both enjoyable and a little more varied than what Jasper has been able to provide on his own. He'll get to cool his circuits a bit and we'll get to hear what other some people have to say.

If you had carte blanche to re-draw the Radio Heartland schedule, what would you do?
Assume that you have an unlimited amount of money and access to everything.

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