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Enough about Woodstock!

Posted at 6:00 AM on August 15, 2009 by Dale Connelly (3 Comments)

Radio Heartland has tickets to an Americana Songwriter's Showcase at the Rochester Civic Theater on Wednesday, August 19th. The evening features Chris Knight of Nashville, Brandon Sampson and Dezi Wallace of the band Six Mile Grove, and The Porchlights (Martin Devaney and Jake Hyer). Use the online form to enter your name in the drawing, and as always, obey the rules. Good luck.

Enough about Woodstock? How can there be enough? It's Woodstock everywhere, all the time this weekend, even at Hazeltine National, where they're calling their event the PGA Championship but the size of the crowds indicates that it's really Tiger Woodstock.

I thought I'd take a slightly different angle and bring you an hour of music from performers who were at Woodstock and are, remarkably, still alive. After a long weekend of free love in the mud, life had to continue somehow, and even though Everyone Was Changed Forever they made their living (or tried to) writing and playing music. We'll hear some of the lesser-known post-Woodstock works of Country Joe McDonald, Jorma Kaukonen, Joan Baez, Richie Havens, John Fogerty and more. That's hour 2.

In hour 1 of tonight's show, an all-too-rare visit from Duluth's Charlie Parr. Charlie in one of the hardest working folk-blues-singer-songwriter types on the planet. He swung by our St. Paul studio on his way back from Texas, but his recent touring has taken him overseas where audiences love him, especially in Ireland. It has been 30 years since Charlie started down this musical path in Austin Minnesota by trading an outboard motor for a guitar. Find out where the trail has led, and who he has picked up along the way, tonight on Radio Heartland on Minnesota Public Radio News.

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