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Cars Cubed

Posted at 5:45 AM on August 10, 2009 by Dale Connelly (27 Comments)

With the success of the Cash for Clunkers program comes a new problem - a surge in the number of crushed cars. Fortunately for us, Spin Williams has been discussing the potential upside of this with his cohorts at The Meeting That Never Ends, and he included us in his memo routing list.

People, we have a great opportunity to solidify our standing as the world leader in Car Cubes with this Clunkers program, and we need to take advantage of it by promoting the heck out of them! People don't realize how useful Car Cubes can be!

They're as heavy as regular full-sized cars, but they take up much less space! They have an interesting visual texture! And once you place a Car Cube somewhere, you're not going to want to move it. It gives a feeling of solidity, stability and permanence - something people are seeking in their lives right now. Car Cubes are handy for all sorts of purposes at home, including landscaping, as structural elements, and of course they're great as features of bold interior design. They look beautiful. To me.

car cubes.jpg Imagine the interesting conversations you'll have once you tell friends that your beloved F-150 pick up truck is now the living room coffee table! (As if they won't already know it, the moment they walk into the room!) Or a retaining wall out in the garden! A counter weight for grandma's elevator chair. A piece of yard sculpture. A backstop at a ball field in your neighborhood park. Play equipment for the children! (Make sure they wear their Kevlar rompers!)

The possible uses of crushed automobiles is limited only by our imaginations. I'm stoked! I'm pumped! My ride is crushed and chunked! Car Cubes!

Spin Williams is a trend watcher, dealmaker and visionary.
What could you do with a nicely crushed and squared-off car?

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