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Swingin' & Slashin'

Posted at 4:20 AM on June 29, 2009 by Dale Connelly (18 Comments)

Tim The Knife.jpg

Ever since it became clear that Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty would balance the state's budget using his power of unallotment, this Bobby Darin classic has been running through my mind. Maybe that's why I've felt like I have a head full of cement bags for the past few weeks (they're just for the weight, dear). Just a jackknife has MacHeath, dear, but T Paw will do his cutting with a pen. Or maybe it's a penknife. Look out, UnaLotte Lenya!

Fortunately, therapy is available.

I wrote down the words that were rattling around in my noggin,
and In The Loop host Jeff Horwich, the most Bobby Darin-esque guy working in public radio today, brought them to life in this dead-on parody.

Now I'm free, but for you the madness is just beginning.

Listen to the song, and then consider - what other music best accompanies unallotment?

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