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The Super Smart Phone

Posted at 5:19 AM on June 25, 2009 by Dale Connelly (29 Comments)

Today's Trial Balloon has been completely taken over by YesIAm Wireless.

YesIAm Wireless introduces its entry into the growing smart phone market - the YesIAm Pocket Savant!

The Pocket Savant takes smart phone technology well beyond the next level with a high resolution screen able to display controls that are smaller and more impressive than any other device on the market today.

"When I take out my Pocket Savant, a hush falls over the room" says YesIAm CEO Rudy Texter. "It looks like a universal remote control ... for the planet."

The Pocket Savant is the logical next step for YesIAm Wireless, a company that has always understood one of the most important functions of any wireless phone is the feeling of superiority it brings its user, and the humbling effect it has on those nearby who may be contractually locked in to using lesser devices for up to two full years.

"I am not entirely sure of the full extent of its capabilities," said YesIAm Research Director Tamara D. Reckoning.
"We designed the Pocket Savant to be completely open-ended and to believe in its own potential. It certainly looks like it can do a lot of different stuff."

In addition to the usual smart phone features, the Pocket Savant comes loaded with a voodoo application, a stun gun, a transporter function (ala "Star Trek") and x-ray photography.

"The same people who placed those wacky x-ray glasses ads in comic books back in the 60's came up with that one," says Reckoning. "I haven't tried it yet, but the phone also comes with a prognosticator application, and the prognosticator says everything in it will work, eventually."

"We can't wait to get into the pockets of our customers with this great new product," adds CEO Texter. "We expect people to use their YesIAm Pocket Savant in every possible situation."

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Even on board aircraft, where some carriers strictly prohibit cell phone use.

"There is a Pocket Cockpit application," observes Reckoning. "Should your phone accidentally interfere with the onboard control systems, you should be able to take over completely and land the thing from your seat. Make sure the flight crew knows you are the new pilot. You can get extra helpings of free peanuts."

Although they're not promoting it, the YesIAm Pocket Savant should also be able to receive Radio Heartland.

Anyone in the market for a new smart phone?

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