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The Real Deal

Posted at 5:55 AM on June 22, 2009 by Dale Connelly (22 Comments)

You have an opportunity to win tickets to see Pink Martini at the O'Shaugnessy Auditorium in St. Paul tomorrow night.
This one moves fast, so don't delay. We'll close off entries at 1 p.m. today.
Enter the drawing. Obey the rules. And good luck.

Here on the day after the solstice we have arrived at a moist, fragrant, unmistakable feeling of genuine summer. Today for the first time in weeks I didn't bring a light jacket to ward off the early morning chill. I brought a light jacket in case the air conditioning in the office is turned up too high.

That's a watershed moment for me - proof positive that the season has changed.

This transition brings sweet memories flowing back because those childhood summers define our lives. It only takes a few details to complete the journey - some lightning bugs and a glass jar for catching them; a grassy field with enough room to draw out a diamond; a stick, a ball, some friends with an endless afternoon to waste; and a swarm of bees from the nest under home plate to chase me, screaming, down a dusty road towards home.

Give me that and I'll have total summer immersion.

How about you?

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