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Unpoetic License

Posted at 5:10 AM on June 17, 2009 by Dale Connelly (21 Comments)

I fell down the sing-song rhyme rat hole yesterday afternoon while trying to digest reports of the Governor's solo spending decisions.

I couldn't get it out of my head that "unallot" rhymes with so many other words, a person might end every line of a stupid little poem with the same sound and still summarize the whole situation in a completely superficial way.

I convinced myself that there was an admirable economy in that.
But why anyone would actually try it is a mystery, even to me.

The news is grim, with peril fraught
the die is cast, and here's the plot.

Our economic juggernaut's,
de-juggered by a credit clot.

We'll do an un-spending onslaught
Un-buying what we thought we bought.

They tried to work it out, but fought
And all that talk has come to naught

The state is short the cash it sought
So now the Guv will un-allot.

For cities, then, what has Tim wrought?
Upon your balance sheets, a blot.

For counties, too. A sticky spot.
There's less that jingles in your pot.

The poor, the sick and lame got caught
As for the U? A feast it's not.

We'll hold the checks for schools a jot.
And claim we simply ... um ... forgot.

Is there a lesson? What was taught?
Un-compromise is so un-hot.

Unkind and so Un-what-we-ought.
Un-what-we-need by quite a lot.

On a personal level, the best economic news in this development is that the process of arranging these lines kept me out of the malls and coffee shops for a couple of hours. That amounts to a savings approximately worth the cost of a medium decaf mocha and a new pair of pants.

But you have to admit, what the Governor has done is not especially easy or particularly pleasant. If your family constitution gave you the power to unilaterally unallot within your home budget - cutting expenses without having to seek the approval of your loyal opposition - how fair-minded would you be?

I might slash the cable TV expenditures. But if I did that, I'd darn well have to zero out the golf budget as well, or face harsh criticism.

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