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Recycle Your T.V.

Posted at 5:20 AM on June 12, 2009 by Dale Connelly (24 Comments)

Digital conversion happens at midnight tonight.
Sounds like a religious experience, doesn't it?

Listening to John Prine's song "Blow Up Your T.V." reminded me of Monday's conversation. I recall That Guy In The Hat's lament that his old black & white set might make a good paperweight and Anna's comment - "I bet you could turn your old black and white TV into a cool looking aquarium without too much trouble."

Can one really do that?

Yes one can,
but be careful handling the toxic old tube. Make sure you dispose of it properly.

And know what you're doing with regard to electrical discharge of components inside the set. You can get a nasty shock even if they're not plugged in.

Last but not least, think carefully about the awesome responsibility of keeping fish alive.

As technology constantly changes, we're faced with mountains of gadgets and gizmos whose currency has expired. I'll play an ancient Lou & Peter Berryman song today about re-purposing vinyl lp's (Spray Them Gold). But of course, you have to consider that just because a format isn't the "latest thing" or some appliance is hopelessly out of date, that doesn't make it useless.

I suspect some parents will now embrace the old analog tv sets as simple video playback devices for mom-and-dad approved movies, relieved to be able to place kids in front of the set with the sure knowledge that they can't wander off into broadcast tv channels to take in whatever nonsense happens to be rolling down the pipeline.

Any other ideas for recyling and/or re-using old analog TV sets?
Tips for the care of fish?
Child appropriate movies?

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