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Entertaining the Kids

Posted at 5:20 AM on June 10, 2009 by Dale Connelly (46 Comments)

As we heard from Bubby yesterday, the graduation ceremonies continue, the school year ends and classrooms empty out as America's Youth step forward into the economically challenging summer of 2009 to look for jobs, or lacking jobs, to look for something fun or worthwhile to do.

And this great cloud of summer seekers covers all the age groups. Some of them are searching together, as is the case with Shelley, a grandmother and a Trial Balloon reader who says "I love to read the blogs but don't feel very comfortable contributing as some of the folks do."

That's perfectly fine, of course.

But we, as a group, have been honored in that Shelley thinks we might provide a resource for her as she searches for activities to do with her twin grandsons, age 6. She is an involved grandparent who says she retired of a Friday and started providing day care for these "wonderful boys" the following Monday.

The two boys just finished kindergarten and they both love books. They are intelligent and curious, says their grandmother, and they live in the Twin Cities area. They can make a day trip for activities, but not overnights.

So ... if you were a grandparent (and maybe you are) with two fine 6 year olds and a string of empty summer days in front of you, what would you do?

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