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Close Animal Encounters

Posted at 5:30 AM on May 22, 2009 by Dale Connelly (36 Comments)

Whenever we get a little frustrated with our human counterparts, it can be theraputic to spend a bit of time with animals.

Kay sent photos from her vacation visit with rescue animals at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. The sanctuary website says about 1,700 animals are living there at any one time, mostly dogs and cats, but there are horses, birds, burros, rabbits, goats, farm animals and "an assortment of other creatures." Including two-legged volunteers.

cat says don't go.jpg

Kay said befriending the other volunteers is easy. "Ask 'Do you have any pets?' and that pretty much gets you all the way through lunch." Establishing animal relationships is even simpler. She claims to have forged personal friendships with 'about 35 cats' so far.
What's amazing is the remoteness of the location and the willingness of people to make the trip. The fastest way from here to Kanab is to fly to Las Vegas and then drive four hours.
puppy says don't go.jpg

And from the looks of it, this canine is also willing to be Kay's BFF. It makes me wonder what procedures the sanctuary has for prying long-distance volunteers loose and getting them out the door when it's time to go home. Bouncers? Crowbars?
By contrast, Mark, traveling to South Dakota to attend a graduation, attempted to cozy up to a random goat he spotted in Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls Goat-2.jpg

Apparently they did not bond.
"No amount of cajoling could bring the goat to even so much as acknowledge that I existed," he said, "though there were some kids who got to sit on it and that seemed to bring a sparkle to it's eye!"
No adoption occured.
I'm pretty sure the goat is still there.


Speaking of twinkling eyes, I felt a glimmer of recognition when I spotted this little cutie earlier in the week. I'm not sure where we've met before.

Former pet? Distant relative?

Anyone else talk to the animals this week?

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