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Shock and Awe? Cute and Awwwwww!

Posted at 5:30 AM on April 24, 2009 by Dale Connelly (15 Comments)

Thanks to everyone who offered up names for their online personas yesterday - The Coat Lady, Tired and Anxious Goat Mom, Bug Man, Bunny Greenjeans, Cyncia, Equivoque, JoJoDancer, WheelDancer, That Guy In The Hat, Herbalmike, Zen Parris, Queen of the Drains and Auffer.

Another round of thanks to those who responded to last Friday's question about how and when and where you listen to Radio Heartland.
I'm still wading through over 80 responses.
To those who asked "Does this mean Radio Heartland is struggling?" the answer is NO.
Your membership support has been fantastic.

Unlike traditional radio, we don't have "ratings" so there's no other yardstick we can use right now as a reliable measure of success. At some point I'm sure a series of numbers will emerge that we can obsess over - such is a way of life for broadcasters.

But your support has been heartening, and your interest in this adventure keeps me optimistic and grateful.
Although it's always wise to anticipate problems.
So just in case our "numbers" are down - it's time for more baby animals!

just born.JPG
The two newest goats at Barb's are pictured here, mere hours after Alba's surprising delivery. Yesterday Barb said "The two boys and Alba ... are still quite weak - the littlest too weak to suckle on Alba (if she stood still for him) so i'm bottle feeding her milk to him every four hours."

Barb is working to keep these guys alive and we are all hoping for the best.

Baby Robins small.jpgAnd Kathy sent this photo last week. These very young robins are also hungry and fragile, just like all the new arrivals at this time of year. They may not be strong, but they appear to be strong willed. Before long, they'll be pooping on your car, Kathy!

Mother Chimp.JPGAnd in case you needed a reminder of the power of the mothering instinct, Kay forwarded this photo of a chimp who is a serial caregiver, adopting a number of felines at a sanctuary in South Carolina. This was a news story late last year and has been resurfacing from time to time. There's a You Tube video of Anjana sitting in front of a television, watching herself being discussed on "Ellen".
Yes, it has come to this. We're watching videos of monkeys watching TV. At least I am.

Here's another video, just to give you a chance to say "Awwwwwwwww", if you haven't yet. And here's hoping the relationship is just as good once the tigers get BIG.

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