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Write If You Get Work

Posted at 5:00 AM on April 20, 2009 by Dale Connelly (24 Comments)

I had another e-mail this morning from Bubby Spamden, perennial sophomore at Wendell Wilkie High School.

Hi Mr. C.,

Thanks for your note asking about what I'm up to, now that my latest sophomore year is coming to an end.

We had the Job Fair at Wilkie High last week where people come to give you information about all the different kinds of jobs you can do once you get out of high school, which I don't think I ever will get out, but sometimes you have to pretend you think something crazy will happen just to make other people happy.

But I didn't see any jobs I wanted to have.

It was set up in the gym. I took a picture so you can see how it looked. I don't really know these kids. The ones I hang out with aren't looking for work.

Thumbnail image for job fair.jpg

All the jobs people are at tables with colored balloons to make it all festive and happy, but once you get talking you find out that jobs people are gloomy, gloomy, gloomy.
Don't get me wrong. They're happy THEY have jobs. For them, the jobs the job fair is all about are the jobs they have being job explainers at the job fair. Nobody was really saying they had any other jobs to offer now or anytime soon, but we should all be thinking about our education so we can learn what we need to learn to get the future jobs that will be around someday. What will those jobs be?

There was a government table and health care table and one for teachers and stuff. Law enforcement was another big one.

This one guy from the State Department of Criminal Something or Other said that the people in law enforcement have to really know ALL the rules. And not just rules that other people have to obey. There are are rules the rule enforcers too!
Boy, they sure know how to take all the fun out of a cool job!

There was no table at all for any of the jobs I'd actually want, especially the one I want most of all - "You Tube Sensation".

You Tube Sensation is a really great job to have because you hardly have to leave home to do it. And there are all sorts of ways to get there, although a lot of it has to do with either looking silly or having an amazing talent. And if it's a hidden amazing talent nobody expects you to have, that's the very best.

The latest You Tube Sensation, Susan Boyle, is that last kind. She's is really cool in a nerdy, I-don't-care-about-being-cool kind of way.
I would like to be like her but the singing thing has already been done, and besides, I'm too cool to pull of the "I'm not cool" thing, and also I can't sing.

So I was thinking I could amaze the world with my wicked talents at fire juggling.

I don't look like the sort of person who could do fire juggling, because I'm a little shaky, especially when I stand up in front of an audience. And I'm afraid of fire. So I've never actually done it.

But that would make it truly amazing when I get up there, totally looking like some geek who's going to burn the place down, and it turns out that I am an excellent fire juggler! People would jump to their feet and cry like babies.

And the extra moisture might come in handy.
I think we would want to have a hose nearby too.

So keep an eye on You Tube. That's where I'm going to be working as a genuine sensation, if and when I finally get out of school.
And then maybe I'll come back and hand out some information about it at the job fair!

B. Spamden
Sensational Fire Juggler

What do you think of Bubby's career plans?
And If you were going to be a You Tube Sensation, what amazing hidden talent would you reveal to the world?

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