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You're Special!

Posted at 5:00 AM on April 17, 2009 by Dale Connelly (80 Comments)

Heartland listeners, you are indeed a unique group.

We are now a little over four months into our online and HD radio project, and if you are reading this, chances are you were here at the beginning and have managed to stay with it, even though, in many cases, staying tuned to Radio Heartland meant you had to change your habits, buy new computer equipment, run wires from the living room to the kitchen, download a new program, upgrade your internet connection, and/or make bargains with relatives, or God, or both.

Radio listeners2.jpg

If you listen intently, gathered around a computer or an HD radio in a tight group like this, you are not even living in our current century. My advice to you is to wait for something called "Google", and then buy it. Sell "Enron" and "AIG". Don't take out that variable rate balloon mortgage.

If you listen on HD radio, you are extra special, since some who follow the technology say it seems to confuse listeners at the outset and leave them baffled even after a thorough explanation.

And if you listen on an HD radio in your car, you are very, very special. You might as well not enter the lottery anytime soon, because fate has already selected you to be a member of an exclusive group.
Sorry it turned out to be this and not the ultra-millionaire's sexy ab club.

As we try to assess how Radio Heartland is doing, it would help to know some things about the audience that has assembled around this programming.
But rather than pump you for personal demographic information regarding your age and marital staus, I'd like to hear some other things.

What equipment do you use to listen to Radio Heartland?
When do you tune in?
Have you tried to explain Radio Heartland to other people?
Did you encourage them to listen?
How did that work?
What should we do to attract more listeners?
Would it help if we featured more baby goats?

Answer any one, or all, or none, and enjoy your Friday!

Artful and Tammy in sun.JPG

And the Baby Animal Parade continues! Bob from Anoka has some new little lambs!

new lambs.jpg

Bob identifes them this way, from left to right: Black ram, his twin sister Ewe lamb #3 and Ram Lamb #2. The also calls them "The Three Lambs of the Apocalypse".

And here's one more baby animal picture that came in today.
Artie the goat with his day-glo collar!

i'm too sexy for my collar.jpg

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