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To The Dogs

Posted at 5:20 AM on April 16, 2009 by Dale Connelly (38 Comments)

Yesterday Shelley mentioned her dog Grace was having surgery for hip problems. She asked if many Radio Heartland listeners have dogs. We don't have an answer to that quite yet, but we know several blog readers send their best wishes for a quick recovery for Grace! We'll hope to hear good news today.
And if you keep company with a dog at home and would like to admit it ... Speak!

Diamond Skyline

I have a dog. Here's Diamond considering the Minneapolis skyline from Ridgway Parkway. It's a nice spot to see downtown and hear the steady drone of 35W. Diamond finds it relaxing because the dull roar of the cars masks the infuriating chatter of those naughty squirrels.

Dogs are in the news as much as pirates, with the addition of a canine (finally) to the first household. The New York Times ran an article that actually asked the question:
"Does Bo know he's famous?"

B & B Obama

One thing Bo certainly does seem to know in this White House photo - he knows he's supposed to let the Big Guy win this race. As a four-legged speedster, it wouldn't be much trouble for Bo to do a few spins around yonder bust of Jefferson before the president makes it to the end of the hallway, but sometimes it's wise to hold back a bit.

This gets us into questions about animal cognition - what do animals know of their own existence, and when do they know it? Come to think of it, any human who occupies the White House will eventually have to answer some kind of 'what did you know and when did you know it' question, so cognition is inherently an important issue at Casa Obama.

So, what do we think of Bo's level of awareness?
Does Bo know he's famous?
What else does he know?
Does Bo know his name, Bo Obama, is Amaboob when spelled backwards?
I think he does, and I suspect it tickles him.

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