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Got Goats?

Posted at 5:05 AM on April 14, 2009 by Dale Connelly (27 Comments)

Good news at last!
Barb of Blackhoof announces the arrival of Dodger's two goatlings, a boy and a girl, yesterday morning.
Barb says the girl (on the right) is likely to carry the name Tammy Waynette.

The boy could be named:

  • Pascuale

  • Lucky

  • Artful

Though Barb's brother in Louisana suggests Brooklyn Dodger names:

  • Pee Wee Reesie Cup

  • Duke Snidergoat

  • Don Goatsdale

  • Wayne Terwilligoat

Who does he look like to you?
Post your vote and we'll count them up!
(Though final name choices rest with the family!)

new babies smaller.jpg

At last report, mom was having some warm molasses water and grain.
The midwife was having a beer.
Tammy is 7.5 pounds and flexi-named buckling is a whopping 10.5 pounds.
Here they are, as Barb reports, "assuming the position".

boy and girl assuming the position.JPG


And for Goat Product fans who were intrigued last Friday by the thought of a logo for Gjetost, That Guy In The Hat has come through once again, spontaneously generating a visual identity for the cheese with same apparent ease that Dodger displayes when produces offspring. Thanks, TGITH!

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