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Grammer, Holm, Mayer & Louie

Posted at 1:00 AM on April 11, 2009 by Dale Connelly (7 Comments)

It sounds like the name of a law firm, but it's actually a table of contents for tonight's Radio Heartland on Minnesota Public Radio News, singer / songwriter Tracy Grammer will talk about her career and her long-term project - listening to and cataloging the recordings her late partner, the prodigious Dave Carter. And we'll hear the voice of the Minneota, Minnesota poet and author Bill Holm from a profile that was produced 30 years ago. An event at the Fitzgerald Theater this coming Tuesday will honor Holm's life and legacy. We'll hear him read and sing and play the harpsichord.

In the second hour, I'll visit with local singer / songwriter Peter Mayer. Peter has never taken the easy road when it comes to crafting a song. He faces up to the big topics like faith, time, space, the universe ... and most recently, men's hats. And we'll hear the latest version of one of the most covered songs in history, Louie Louie.

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