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Posted at 5:25 AM on April 10, 2009 by Dale Connelly (33 Comments)

Our Frosty Bottoms Brown Fat Resort is rapidly gaining popularity even though it doesn't really exist. Maybe BECAUSE it doesn't really exist.
Though there are no actual bookings yet, it won't be long before people from various elsewheres around the world are clamoring for the chance to come here during our peak chilling season to, well, chill.

That Guy In The Hat came up with a logo for our venture.

Frosty Bottoms small.jpg

It's clearly Heartlandish, and has the added advantage of suggesting (while not actually claiming) that extreme cold applied to a specific part will rapidly agitate the brown fat and consequently accelerate the shrinkage of that part more quickly than the rest of the body. If we can get people to believe this, they will pay extra to sit on a hard bench.

MAKING CHEESE001 smaller.jpg

Yesterday's discussion also veered into the making of Norwegian Goat Cheese, or "Gjetost". The thought is that brown food = brown fat, which is good news if you have a fondness for chocolate things as well as brunost and gjetost. Cynthia sent historic photos of the process, though I hasten to say she is not the one wrangling the goat.

MAKING CHEESE002 smaller.jpg

These pictures make it clear that whenever gjetost is being made, a goat is always nearby to supervise the work. Cows are oblivious to the rest of the cheese making process, but goats ... they care about results.

Making gjetost smaller.jpg

And if there's no goat available, some kids show up. Just to keep an eye on you.

Speaking of that, is everyone looking forward to a visit from the Easter Goat? I understand he barges into your house, eats your candy, and stares you down if you complain about it. True?

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