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The New Fat

Posted at 5:30 AM on April 9, 2009 by Dale Connelly (29 Comments)

Updated link! Here's the audio to the Susan Werner / Cheryl Wheeler Concert we recorded last month in Minneapolis!

Three scientific studies being published today in the New England Journal of Medicine deal with a "good" kind fat called Brown Fat, which is different from the "bad", or Yellow Fat that so many of us so obviously carry around with us everywhere we go.

Brown Fat, when activated, burns calories. The new studies suggest that these little furnaces turn on when we are cold. Subjects in one of the studies showed brown fat activity after they had been kept in a room at 61 degrees for two hours. The idea is to keep you on the verge of shivering so these biological devices can kick in, igniting to keep you warm using a built-in survival strategy from a prehistoric time when physical discomfort was the rule.

Next, scientists will try to find a way to use drugs to make brown fat work for us all the time without the discomfort ... but until they do, the door is open for northern entrepreneurs to "re-brand" our Minnesota weather.

Come to Frosty Bottoms Resort and Spa!

Frosty Bottoms is the world's first Brown Fat - Igniting Retreat!

Get your natural systems started on the important and useful job of burning calories while you sit and do nothing in the luxurious splendor of a northern lakes winter!

Ice House medium.jpg
Frosty Bottoms offers individual, unheated fat burning cabanas to give you the time and space necessary to re-focus your body's energies on creating a slimmer, more youthful and energetic YOU!

At Frosty Bottoms, the whole environment is co-operating to get your Brown Fat cells working at peak efficiency.
Your job?
Be in the space.
Sit on a bucket or a plastic cooler and Let Nature Do Its Work.

For ages the stalwart residents of these far northern lakes have let their surroundings spark the beneficial weight-draining Brown Fat reaction by embracing and enjoying their unique climate.
So effective is Brown Fat in burning off the pounds, these hardy locals instinctively turn to beer and cheesy nachos to keep themselves from wasting away to nothing!

Your Frosty Bottoms Brown Fat Retreat Experience will begin the moment you step outside and feel the prevailing northwest wind as it pushes frosty air under your jacket, caressing you and tugging at your natural Brown Fat reserves, urging them to get busy turning your bad fat into heat that might keep you alive!

You can even watch television while your body begins to re-shape itself, forming a slimmer, more alive and alert and aware person who will never look at a frozen lake in the same way again!

You might even catch a fish!

How else can we take advantage of the coming Brown Fat craze?

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