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The Way We Were

Posted at 5:20 AM on April 7, 2009 by Dale Connelly (29 Comments)

Memories, like the corners of my mind. Misty water-colored memories ...
Dr. Kyle wrote from Genway, the supermarket for genetically enhanced food:

Dr. Kyle small .jpg

What a wonderful and exciting new world science is giving us!

Researchers have identified a key brain chemical that helps create long-term memories!

I love chemicals!

With the right mix of chemicals, you can make anything happen.
Or UNhappen!

Picture it! Foods to help you recall things you know that you didn't even know you knew!

Imagine! A Genway Memory Melon!

Take a bite and be transported back twenty years.
Take another bite, go back all the way to the womb!
Call mom and tell her you remember EVERYTHING, right down to the gurgling of her stomach right next to your ear.
She'll be delighted, or appalled. Either way, she won't forget it.
Or will she?

Because once we've mastered chemical enhanced remembering, we can tackle dis-remembering. We'll create a whole new line of Forget-it foods.
Genway Forgetful Falafels. Forgotten Fennel. Forget-me Fishsticks.

Eating these foods would be like eating your own recollections. The bigger the bite, the smaller your recall, until everything you know gets swallowed by you and banished to a dark place from which there is no graceful return!

Could specific memories be targeted for annihilation?

I don't remember what the article said about that, but why not?
That would be the very best situation.
I've done a lot of things I'd like to forget.
And I've done even MORE things I'd like other people to forget.

I dream of being able to erase our customer's bad food memories the moment they walk in the door!
All those negative experiences you had with Okra would be gone.
Your "thing" about shrimp could vanish.
Our sample ladies would meet you at the door with a Forget-me Fishstick.
They'd force one into your face, and the fun would begin!

Change your head around with a Memory Melon!
Lose a troublesome portion of your mind with a Forget-me Fishstick.

Genway tailored brain food. Look for it!

If you could choose to remember or forget a lot more than you do right now, would you? Even if it meant eating one of Dr. Kyle's fishsticks?

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