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Our Family Band(s)

Posted at 5:15 AM on April 3, 2009 by Dale Connelly (41 Comments)

Adams small.jpg
There were a couple of slides left over from last Saturday's Duos show at the Fitzgerald Theater. I'm a Photo Shop novice, but I'm proud of the way these turned out, so I can't resist sharing them with you.

You'll notice that I took it upon myself to break up one of my all-time favorite bands - The Adam & Eve Experience, pairing them with musical partners that I judge to be more sympathetic, artistically. I believe they each could have a longer and more profitable career this way, though perhaps some passion is lacking. Or not. Hard to say.

This much is certain: everyone has to compromise a bit, sooner or later.

Eves small.jpg
You know how it goes with these groups. They start with a lot of ambition and energy, and before long the struggle for control undermines all their best intentions.

Don't get me wrong, The Adam & Eve Experience was a good band with lots of potential, but as soon as they added Snake on drums, things went downhill fast.

It makes one think that perhaps the best possible set-up for a band is virtual. As long as they never actually get together in the same physical space, a group can go on ... as long as the Rolling Stones.
Is there such a band in our Radio Heartland universe?

What instrument do your play? Do you sing? How many bands could we form among the people who read this blog?
Would it be one big band?
Or no band at all?

I confess to being non-musical, so I will take the roll of manager and will handle all the money and you know you can trust me completely to do everything in your best interests all the time with no questions asked, ever.
Mike Pengra is a drummer, so he could be in one or all of the bands, unless Snake has already slithered in.

Declare your instruments. Form your bands. Add names if you wish.
Anyone for "Goat Bandana"?

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