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The Promises of Spring

Posted at 4:18 AM on March 11, 2009 by Dale Connelly (32 Comments)

Tuesday's lively conversation about gardening plans took over my imagination for the rest of the day.

After the morning broadcast, I was part of an MPR contingent headed from downtown St. Paul to the State Capitol for a round of good-natured arm twisting with our hard working and under-appreciated representatives during "Public Radio Day".

Even though I was pelted by tiny ice missiles on the walk up the hill, our vegetable discussion caused me to see Cass Gilbert's majestic building through a summer eye.

capitol grounds small.jpg

All those vegetables took root while our group prowled the historic corridors.

By the time I headed back down the hill in the early afternoon, the weather had worsened, but thanks to Radio Heartland listeners and your ambitious gardening plans, my head was full of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peas, squash, raspberries and chard.

capitol grounds 6 small copy.jpg

Amateurish Photo Shop gardening may be the only type I do this year, but at least the fields are well weeded.

Keeping company with politicians for part of the day was a reminder that it is easy to make a promise, and somewhat more difficult to follow through when reality intrudes.

In the spirit of accountability, here are some of the planting commitments made on the blog yesterday:

Onions, tomatoes, leaf lettuce, raspberries, asparagus.
Posted by Julie

Apples, asparagus, grapes, tomtoes, bees.
Posted by cynthia in mahtowa

Tomatoes, lettuce and greens, spinach, cukes, beets, green beans, peas, squash, raspberries.
Posted by Gail in Wisconsin

Impatiens, begonias, thunbergia, purple allysum, fuschia -- maybe even a little bucket of pansies this year!
Posted by sherrilee

potatoes, onions, sweet dumpling squash, two kinds of carrots, two kinds of cukes, Swiss chard, tomatoes, gourds, apples, raspberries, blueberries, asparagus, weeds.
Posted by Barb in Blackhoof

Tomatoes, sweet peas.
Posted by elinor

Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, radishes, onions, lettuce, peas, beans, beets, cabbage, strawberries, blueberries, currants, pear and plum trees.
Posted by Kathy in Wisconsin

Salsa Garden, chickens.
Posted by Kathy

A few pots of flowers.
Posted by Michele

Tomatoes (seeking the "perfect" tomato).
Posted by Bob in Anoka

Garlic, lettuce, peppers, popcorn.
Posted by Kate

Tomatoes, carrots, lettuce.
Posted by Mark

tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, lettuces, beans.
Posted by Joanne in Big Lake

lettuce, broccoli, cabbage Peppers eggplants carrots, potatoes, tomatoes.
Posted by Don in West St. Paul

Asparagus, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, green beans, tomatoes, sunflowers.
Posted by Amy in St Paul

Is this really going to happen, or are you simply saying what you know I want to hear?

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