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Goat Mugs

Posted at 5:25 AM on February 23, 2009 by Dale Connelly (31 Comments)

Last Thursday a discussion developed around Barb of Blackhoof's photo of the goats Alba and Dream. Wouldn't it be nice, we wondered, if goat-themed thank you gifts became a Radio Heartland tradition.

Friday I posted the Alba & Dream photo and an image of the "official" Heartland mug with the suggestion that someone might want to come up with a goat mug.

Who wouldn't want to have one?

Daniel Krumholz of Winona is sure this is how Alba and Dream would enjoy a mammoth mug o' Heartland Hooch.

GoatMug 1 B.JPG

Barb, our devoted goat tender, sees the goat mug looking something like this.

GoatMug 2d.JPG

And obviously I had nothing at all to do on Sunday afternoon.

Heartland Mug D.JPG

Radio Heartland listeners are certainly resourceful when it comes to inventing membership week premiums.

We've also had the rather macabre idea floated for a CD of funeral music with the title "Music To Die For". I assume we are talking about songs to be played in honor of the deceased at a funeral? And Is that something you buy for yourself, or is it a hint-hint gift for someone who isn't feeling well?

Any other bright ideas? What have you always wished your public radio station would use to lure you into the warm ebrace of membership?

I can't promise anything, but it doesn't hurt to brainstorm, especially if someone comes up with the perfect thank you gift that will help some future drive end successfully.

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