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Foreign Exchange

Posted at 1:00 AM on February 21, 2009 by Dale Connelly (6 Comments)

Tonight on Radio Heartland on Minnesota Public Radio News, we travel back and forth across the Atlantic, going from Maine to Norway, then from Sweden to the American Midwest, and finally from St. Paul to Hungary in the company of a trio of musical and cultural adventurers.

In hour one, Bill Booth demonstrates what he's been doing since he left Maine for Norway 20 years ago. His latest recording, "Songs of the Land", tells Norwegian stories in a musical voice that is decidedly American.

Also in the first hour, the Martin Johansson Band from Sweden will give us a taste of an emigrant's tale they've been performing around Minnesota. It's an acoustic, organic-sounding "rock opera" called "Amerikat", which grew out of Martin's imagination, fed by a few sketchy details about the life of his ancestor Gustav.

In hour two, I'll visit with Erik Brandt, a St. Paul musician and teacher who spent the 2007-08 school year on a work exchange at a high school in Hungary. He intended to leave his music behind during this fellowship, but instead came home with a brand new recording and a deep appreciation for Hungarian music and artistry.

It's International Night on Radio Heartland!

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