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Close Encounters

Posted at 5:00 AM on February 20, 2009 by Dale Connelly (17 Comments)

We started this week on president's day, talking about seeing sitting presidents. Many Radio Heartland listeners had good stories about their rendezvous with the commander-in-chief, but only one provided photographic evidence.
Jim Coleman is a former Minnesotan now living in San Diego.
He sent this snapshot with a brief explanation.

Jim and JFK

The photo is a Navy photo. It was lost and suffered damage.
Marine recruits are in the background.

JFK visited San Diego Naval Base in early June 1963.
I was the recruit in charge of my company.
The company had won every award.
See the stars on the guidon.
JFK asked about the stars and shook my hand.
What struck me instantly was how much older he looked than in pictures I had seen. The job had already taken a lot out of him.

I cannot recall ever before or after being at such a loss for words.

Thanks, Jim. That's a great photo, made more real somehow by the creases and tape that have marked it through the years.
I'm impressed by how thin JFK looks. Obama-esque, almost.

The other photo we received at RH World HQ this week was of Barb's goats, Alba and Dream. Many have already explored this link, but I thought it would be nice to put them here so all can notice how charming they are.

Barb's Goats small.jpg

There seems to be some interest in putting goats in the Trial Balloon basket, or on a t-shirt, or somewhere prominent so people will know which animal is most attuned to our programming style.
While I'm not ready to go aloft with Alba and Dream quite yet, I am curious to see how they'd look on a mug. Here's a photo of our ceramic logo-bearer.

Heartland Mug.gif

If you have the technology and would like to take the time to paste goat heads on this cup, or have goat heads popping out of this cup, or portray goats carrying this cup, I will happily enjoy the result.

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