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The True Beginning

Posted at 4:55 AM on February 19, 2009 by Dale Connelly (45 Comments)

Radio Heartland has been up and running for a little over two months, and today we begin our first official member drive. What happens over the next nine days will answer a lot of questions about where we might go with this thing, because it speaks to a crucial piece of the puzzle - the funding.

Today is, in many ways, our actual launch.

I'm excited and a little nervous.

If you have already responded to one of the regularly spaced, politely worded requests for a contribution, thank you! I don't mean to suggest that you gave too early or that your support is "unofficial". Far from it.

Young radio stations and infants of all kinds need immediate love as soon as they enter the world. That earliest care is life sustaining and sets a pattern for everything that follows. Listeners who "bonded" right away have already sent a strong signal that Radio Heartland can make it.

Now we take the next step. I'm asking everyone who listens and who hasn't already made a contribution to offer financial support in any amount. You decide how much. When you give, tell the person who answers the phone or indicate on the online form that Radio Heartland is one reason you support MPR.

That simple statement will help us measure the value and the potential of this brand new service.

Thanks for listening, and for making a contribution!

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