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Sleight of Hand

Posted at 5:30 AM on February 2, 2009 by Dale Connelly (22 Comments)

Though I would love to be your genial live radio host this week, I have been kidnapped by my family and forced to go on a one week vacation. The shows you will hear on Radio Heartland this week are all recorded. Note that the disc jockey makes no reference to day or time or weather. No tidbits from today's news. Nothing specific about the blog. The programming is virtually content free.

In other words, you may not notice a difference.

Even this blog was written last week and loaded into a computer with instructions to post at an appropriate time. If anyone won the Super Bowl , I don't know it yet, because I'm here at my computer it is last Wednesday afternoon. At this moment I am dumb as a stump compared to you.

Again, you may not notice a difference.

As a messenger from the less-informed past, let me tell you that I'm anticipating a February full of good news. I realize that you have already lived through a little bit of it and you may have had the same optimism I'm expressing thoroughly kicked out of you by now, but I hope you'll pretend with me that things are about to change for the better.

Where am I? That's an interesting question, though the answer is probably not as entertaining or exotic as where you THINK I am.

Any ideas?

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