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Nobody Move

Posted at 2:50 PM on April 28, 2006 by Stephanie Curtis (2 Comments)

Usually when a movie ends, people move. A screen goes black and people grab their purses, talk to their neighbors, jump up to be the first to the parking know, move. Yes, some people stick around to see to learn the name of the gaffer, the catering company, or the guy who played the taxi driver. But a good portion of us move.

After "United 93" ended the other night, no one stirred. There was not a sound from the audience. It was as if writer-director Paul Greengrass had given us a strange tranquilizer that froze our bodies in the theater seats. After two nearly unbearable hours of tension, the audience seemed spent and paralyzed.

I never thought that I could see the images of the Twin Towers burning and have them have any impact anymore. Greengrass' movie is an indictment of how the government reacted to the hijackings that day and how a small group of people just like you and me made a decision to take control of a plane. It's painful, emotional, overwhelming and a great movie.

Paul Greengrass cast the movie with "unknowns" according to some of the press. But instead of "unknowns" it's cast a group of actors who are "little known." So, I did get pulled out a couple of times from the actual film trying to figure out where I had seen some of the thespians before. In case you've watched as much bad TV as I have:

Yes, although he looks super skinny, that is the guy who played "Sledgehammer." His name is David Rasch.

Chip Zien (the most unfortunate of the first class passengers) has been on "CSI," "Law and Order" and starred in "Love, Sidney." I saw him on Broadway in 1988. He played the Baker.

Rebecca Schull played Fay on "Wings."

David Alan Basche (Tod Beamer in the movie) was on "Three Sisters," a short-lived sitcom that also starred Dyan Cannon as his mother-in-law. The NYT just did a story about him buying a townhouse in Harlem.

Comments (2)


What planet do you live on?

Posted by Dave | April 28, 2006 10:21 PM

I live on the planet where a movie showing the FAA and the military not knowing how to deal with a hijacking, not having a way to even communicate with one another, not knowing what the chain of command should be and learning about a plane hitting the WTC on CNN is an indictment of how well the government works.

Posted by stephanie curtis | May 2, 2006 3:01 PM