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March 15, 2006
"Taylor Hawkins is a fabulous personality!"*

Or so some guy was proclaiming into his headset in the lobby of my hotel, apparently trying to convince some recalcitrant promoter or manager or other industry type. (He's the drummer from the Foo Fighters, has a new CD out--don't worry, took me a minute to remember too.) So yep, the SXSW Music Festival is now in full effect.

I checked in at the Convention Center, got my bag and, less importantly but more interestingly, my big bag o' promo crap. This year's haul included a lighter, a condom, a Clif bar, a bunch of magazines, and, for some reason, a cassette of Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits. And now, I'd better catch a nap before the night kicks in.

*May not in fact be an exact quote. I'm working on four hours sleep here.

Posted by Keith Harris at 5:04 PM