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March 17, 2006
A matter of timing

It's good to keep moving at SXSW--the more ground you cover, the less likely you are to miss the odd occurance. Had we not loitered at the Soho Lounge a little longer than planned, for instance, we wouldn't have seen Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips moving along Sixth Street in a giant plastic bubble, leading a procession that included Santa Claus and an alien.

That one was hard to miss, but generally I have a bad eye for celebrity-spotting. Not that I think I'm too cool to gawk--I just have a hard enough time recognizing my actual friends on the street. That's why it had to be pointed out to me that the guy we passed on the street--the guy who was having his picture taken by a bunch of other people--was Ad Rock. Aw, c'mon--do you know how many skinny fortyish dudes there are down here this week? How am I supposed to pick out the famous ones?

The Beastie Boys played a "surprise" show yesterday afternoon--that's in quotes because everyone I ran into knew by noonish, meaning the venue was mobbed. But I didn't hear about another surprise till this morning. Seems four members of the Wu-Tang Clan put on an unannounced performance at Stubb's. But here's the unfair part--we'd passed that place about fifteen minutes before the Wu show apparently happened, and all we heard was a wailing trombone, which I'm fairly sure wasn't being blown by RZA or Ghostface Killah.

Posted by Keith Harris at 3:11 PM