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March 17, 2006
A good day to blog

This may be a small consolation to the snowbound, but today it's overcast and chilly (for Austin, that is--still over 60). I've set up camp, for now, in the Convention Center, where I've taken in a couple legal panels that it's entirely unlikely a) I understood or b) you care about. So instead, let's continue with the Thursday night recap.

Saw the Fiery Furnaces at Stubb's. Now there's a band that makes unconditional love difficult--especially live, where they hammer their tunes into unrecognizable shapes, cram bits of one tune into another, and, in general, screw with your expectations. A comparison that comes to mind is Dylan, who's deliberately and creatively mangles his songs in concert.

Except we all know those songs--they've been allowed to live and breathe in the public consciousness for years before the manhandling. The Fiery Furnaces' tunes have barely peeped out of the womb before they're ingeniously misshapen by the band. The art-pop band that had remade itself as a twitchy prog band reemerged last night at Stubb's as a piledriving hard rock band, noisy and heavy and given to unexpected rhythmic sprints. The large outdoor venue added to the band's new arena-rock aura.

What's that? Did I like it? Uh, still processing that--check back with me in a week or so. But they've definitely kept me intrigued.

Posted by Keith Harris at 2:59 PM