Dayton, GOP still have work to do before special session called

Posted at 7:48 PM on July 17, 2011 by Jon Gordon (6 Comments)

From Tim Pugmire of MPR News:

Governor Mark Dayton and Republicans legislative leaders apparently weren't able to finish their budget work in time for a Monday special session, but they were able to wrap up one of the largest spending bills.

Republican Senator David Hann, the chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee said that Republicans reached a handshake agreement with the Dayton administration on an $11 billion HHS bill. He said the measure increases spending by $1 billion over current levels but trims projected spending growth down to about 5 percent.

"We all wanted to see reform," Hahn said. "We all wanted to see a change in the pattern of growth in health care. We all wanted to see us manage the budget within a reasonable cost. And we wanted to do things that would help the people with the highest priority needs in the state, and all of us were in agreement on those core ideas."

Work on other spending bills continued into the night. Other committee chairs said they would not comment on their bills until the work was finished.

Comments (6)

Did anyone consider what would happen to the children and families that rely from check to check upon the family wage garnishments that the State handles? How are those children suppose to eat? Does anyone really care???

Posted by Ann | July 17, 2011 11:23 PM

Here's an idea! STOP letting in mooching immigrants who contribute nothing to our society. This immigration was fine when America was starting out but should have been done long ago.

Over half of the people that go to my college are immigrants who get free food, free healthcare, grants for college and none of them can even speak english well enough to make anything of themselves. They won't even try! They all think americans are suppose to know all their languages! The other 45% are whores that have 5 children from 5 different men (who probably all have aids now) and they get free everything, and have never had to work a day in their lives.

I get striaght A's and can't get any funding for college because I'm not a minority, and because I was smart enough not to get knocked up before I'm financially secure. Why are we supporting that disgusting behavior? Why don't we stop wasting money on the leeches who will never graduate and focus on those who will?

Just to be clear I'm not saying the immigrants are the one's getting knocked up and taking all the free money. In fact, most immigrants are more pure than that, but I'm saying there are too many to support. This is a HUGE issue. NO stupid whore child should get free anything, and immigrants should not be supported more than real americans. Why would a country support other countries before it's own unless they were trying to destroy themselves?

In return for getting people like me through school the government will profit far more in our taxed income then we could ever recieve in help. Will this ever happen? Not from the looks of things. Instead they feel the need to give all the money away to those who think they deserve it for doing nothing and being stupid.

I have to work to get through school, and since I'm single I never even get to see 40% of my earnings 10% is for health insurance I never use but have to pay anyway because I cant choose my own health insurance at my job, and the rest is taxes. Not to mention the additional 7% that goes towards taxes on my houshold purchases.

Posted by Jane | July 18, 2011 7:55 AM


I understand your frustration with your personal financial difficulties affording school, but you are not "contributing anything to our society" by complaining about people who are trying to get a degree. I am a little confused why you think these immigrants you speak of are not contributing anything to society, while in the same breath you are stating they are going to school and they are "more pure" than getting knocked up and taking all our health care money. Please clarify or keep your uneducated opinions to yourself.

Oh, and just wanted to let you know. English is not America's official language. In case you were wondering, American isn't our language either.

Posted by Sam | July 18, 2011 9:37 AM

I am having difficulty understanding how it is you are able to achieve straight A's without knowing both English and America need to have capital letters. Additionally, you misspelled straight. Further, very few children are "stupid whore children". Perhaps the application for college money had an essay portion?

Posted by Ann | July 18, 2011 3:25 PM

Hearts of Healing > Once again I ask: Who is in charge and who is paying attention to our children?
Once again I ask: Who is in charge and who is paying attention to our children?

Another beautiful child tragically lost to horrific abuse. Christian Choate was a blonde haired, 13 year-old Indiana boy in 2009 when his father took it upon himself - one last time - to brutally abuse him, ending Christian’s short life.

Unfortunately, the story of Christian is but one of many in the news today. Child Protective Services had been involved with the Choate family long before their beautiful son Christian was born. They had been called to the family home numerous times over the years for multiple allegations of abuse, neglect, and school absences concerning their other children. While I will not go into great detail about the horrific way Christian was abused by his father and step-mother (much has already been written by others about the case), the general facts are that Christian was locked in a small dog kennel for most of life – often without food or water – mentally tortured, physically beaten, and emotionally abused.

This story haunts me. Christian deserved so much more than what he got in his short life. The lack of love and respect shown by his parents for his basic dignity as a human being is incomprehensible. The fact that his severe abuse went somehow unnoticed by neighbors, school officials and Child Protective services is baffling and tragic.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that "every child needs a champion." But who was Christian’s champion? Clinton believes it takes a village to raise our families, and I couldn’t agree more. If we are to change this cycle of abuse, a village of adults‒each one of us‒must hear the call, come to attention, and reject abuse in all its forms as inexcusable under any circumstances. Child abuse is not assignable to someone or something abstract… it not “their” problem; as members of a society, it’s our problem.

I have to feel that Christian came here to gain our attention. If we cannot take notice of a child born into one of the wealthiest countries in the world being confined, beaten and tortured, treated as less than a dog, then have our hearts hardened? What will it take to capture our attention and spur ordinary people like you and me to advocacy? If we don’t take note of cases like this one, our failure to speak up is paramount to neglect. Without intervention, abuse and neglect will continue.

And so, once again I ask, who is in charge and who is paying attention to our children? What rights do this generation of magnificent children have if those who are here to protect and uphold those rights ‒ police officers, doctors, social workers, clergy, teachers, neighbors, other family members and acquaintances ‒ fail to take notice or refuse to get involved?

We must ask ourselves, why are we not listening and protecting our most vulnerable and valuable asset… our children? The words of the wounded child are speaking out, are you listening?

Do you see me? Are you listening to my words, my heart, and my unspoken shame?

I am you, you are me, and I am the innocence and purity within my soul. I am the love and the light. I am not a color or a race or of a certain religion, I am me.

You can make a difference in my life. You are my teachers, my coaches, police officers, doctors, principals, friends, parents, clergy, business owners, neighbors, healers, sisters, brothers. You are all around me. You are everywhere.

Please listen and let me know you care, I am waiting for you to notice me….

If I could speak to Christian now, I would say to him:

Someone has noticed you. Your voice lives and is being heard today. It is now up to each of us to take your pain and learn from your loss. Thank you Christian Choate, for letting your brilliant soul shine light on the places that still need to be healed.

If you see a child in need: reach out with a loving word or a kind smile. Let them know you care. Just look around… our children are waiting for you to notice them.

With love and light,

Joan Marie Van Eyll

This should be our colective focus our beautiful children.

Posted by Joan | July 18, 2011 6:51 PM

Dear Jane,
After reading your comment I felt so sad that a young person today would have such a few of the world today. The immigrants that you talk about, I prefer the word undocumented workers, pay taxes and social security. Since they are undocumented they will not be able to draw on these benefits when they retire. I challenge you to get to know just one person that you have talked about so harshly, I am sure this experience will enhance your life.

Posted by Joyce Hagen | July 19, 2011 12:54 PM

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