Around MN: frustration mounts

Posted at 7:53 AM on July 8, 2011 by Michael Olson (2 Comments)

No new talks planned between Gov. Dayton and GOP leaders as Minnesota enters the second week of the government shutdown. There's little sense of optimism in news coverage around the state.

Rep. Larry Howes, R-Walker, is certain there's a way out of the impasse but it hasn't been found yet.

"If it (the shutdown) goes another two weeks it will be tough," he said. "If it goes to State Fair time, I see it going to January."

Rep. Mike LeMieur, R-Little Falls, said he hasn't heard much of any impending breakthrough, although the governor and Republican lawmakers are trying to get together. He said Republicans would like to get a lights-on bill to get some of the state employees back to work but Gov. Mark Dayton has refused to go along with that idea (Brainerd Dispatch).

Most news organizations relied on the wire to cover the Mondale-Carlson proposed compromise.

Original reporting this morning is focused on emerging shutdown related problems.

The lack of inspectors is expected to hamper efforts to build a new hospital near Mankato.

Kevin Burns, a spokesman for Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato, said the hospital's $29.5 million renovation of its emergency room needs state inspectors to review concrete and rebar, and Department of Health inspectors need to review expansion plans for the hospital's specialty clinic and heart center.

Department of Labor and Industry inspectors were supposed to be in early this week inspect concrete work. And next week, state electrical inspectors were slated to walk through and inspect all the wiring installed so far.

"It does reach a point where we cannot work on that particular aspect of the project until those inspectors give us clearance," Burns said. "There is other work going on in that project, but we may get to a point where the lack of these inspections will force delays in other aspects of the project that had not been affected so far." (Mankato Free Press)

KSTP reports that the shutdown is keeping Steel Toe Brewery from being able to open its doors.

22,000 state workers are out of a job. Some are looking for another job, others are trying to make the best of the time off.

Mike Denis prepared for a little walleye time. A short fishing trip to Devils Lake where his camper and boat await the angler. Mike works in the maintenance shop at Moorhead's DOT. (WDAY)

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Today's Question: After one week, how is the state shutdown affecting you?

Comments (2)

Governor Dayton has integrity.
He is not an opportunistic politician.
He is trying to do the right thing.
He is already compromising by a temporary
tax on millionaires.
Do you have any idea for example, how
much hedge fund managers make.
They have made money off of working
people's pensions. Millions.
Anybody who slams him is gullible
and hasn't done their factual homework.
A 4% tax on every Minnesotan is insane.
Why do we turn against those who
are trying to makes ends meet.
Why do we turn against the poor, the working
class, the middle class?

Posted by dlee | July 8, 2011 9:45 AM

It has cancelled a long 1 year awaited camping trip to our favorite state park. My sister that would be going with me spent 3 months in this last year in the hospital fighting for her life with a deadly illness including having last rights read by the priest.
Now we can't go camping because of this lights out shutdown. It broke our hearts not to be able to go and she can't reschedule her time off.
She really needed this trip for rest and so many other reasons. I can't believe the State can afford to lose all this revenue that the DNR generates for the General Fund. I have written to all the powers that be but it apparently isn't important. And now that have to incur additional damage cost due to vandalism at the State Parks and Wayside rests. This partisanship has got to go as it will ruin Minnesota's reputation, economy and people.

Posted by Karen Phelps | July 8, 2011 2:31 PM

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