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Reflecting on the Naturalization Ceremonies

Posted at 10:03 AM on March 6, 2013 by Julia Schrenkler

Nick Leitheiser, our Development Strategy and Special Projects Manager, reflected on the Naturalization Ceremonies MPR│APM hosted at the Fitzgerald Theater last week. Read his take on the events we shared to celebrate these new American citizens. From Nick:

Working at an organization like MPR│APM that has wide impact across a diversity of areas using mediums where we can't initially see the impact we are having it is sometimes hard to fully gauge what that community impact is. That's what makes days like last Thursday so special as MPR hosted two Naturalization Ceremonies at the Fitzgerald Theater. These are such a moving experience when you think about the journey that these new American citizens had to take to make it to this day, and how proud there family and friends in the audience are that they got there. It is great to work at an organization that takes the time to host these ceremonies once a year and a number of MPR│APM staff members were able to attend.

We have a great, hard working staff at MPR│APM and the Inclusion Council, which I Chair, also wanted to create a small, fun activity to help break up the day for those who couldn't sneak away for the ceremonies. Thankfully, our fantastic events team had scheduled large school choirs to sing at the end of each Naturalization Ceremony. We worked with the choir leaders and were able to bring both choirs over to the MPR│APM building after the ceremonies to surprise our colleagues. In the morning we had "flash choirs" show up on each floor and serenade staff, and in the afternoon we had a grade school choir perform a mini-concert in our lobby with staff emerging from all floors to listen.


The leaders of both choirs talked about how amazing the experience was for their students, and our MPR│APM colleagues talked about how fun and moving it was to watch. Large events like the Naturalization Ceremonies and small events like the "flash-choirs" take only a sliver of time in the grand scheme of things, but they add up to create a fun, vibrant and productive place to work and I'm very proud to be a part of it.

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