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Behind the scenes: Unleash the Art Hounds

Posted at 9:10 AM on March 1, 2012 by Julia Schrenkler

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Unleash the Art Hounds!

Art Hounds is the weekly arts segment on heard on Morning Edition, highlighting three arts events happening in Minnesota or the surrounding area. On average, editors receive about ten listener-submitted items per week. From those submissions, they choose three to feature on the air and on the State of the Arts blog.

Art Hounds features cater not just to the active arts goer but to the listener who may not be able to experience it firsthand. Arts Correspondent Chris Roberts says he and his team "like submissions that take us off the beaten arts path; unique and interesting events and performances which reflect Minnesota's incredibly rich art landscape that you would only hear about through Art Hounds."

Chris adds, "We're nearly always shooting for diversity in each installment. Diversity in terms of the art we cover (we want every segment to be as multi-disciplinary as possible), and geographic diversity (we try as hard as we can not to be too Twin Cities centric). "

Thinking about becoming an Art Hound? Chris says they'd love to see much more music of every variety, more dance and theater. And more submissions from outside the Twin Cities. "It's always a challenge to keep the Art Hounds fires lit in Greater Minnesota. I'm surprised we haven't seen more submissions from Duluth, Rochester and Fargo-Moorhead, but we haven't given up."

If you're interested in joining the ranks, fill out the contact form.

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