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Yes, Member Challenge Funds are real

Posted at 9:17 AM on February 16, 2012 by Julia Schrenkler

Our Member Services team supports new and existing members with many types of questions or concerns. During the member drive, Member Services Representative Jess Horwitz takes you behind the scenes and answers frequently-asked questions.

Jess answers a common question, "Is the Member Challenge Fund real?"

Yes, it's really real. The Member Challenge Fund is a restricted account that is funded by MPR members to encourage other listeners to become members through on-air drives. Just like when a foundation is matching member dollars, the funds in this account are only released after an on-air Member Challenge has been met.

Between member drives, we reach out to members for the specific purpose of contributing to the Member Challenge Fund. These funds are put into the restricted account until the next opportunity for an on-air drive.

Challenge Funds have been used to encourage many thousands of listeners to become members over the years. So in addition to telling your friends and neighbors about becoming a member, you can challenge strangers to contribute, too!

If you have any questions about the Member Challenge Fund, or would like to contribute to it, please contact us in Member Services.

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