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Seeking your feedback on programming and projects supported by Minnesota Legacy Amendment's Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund

Posted at 11:10 AM on February 15, 2012 by Julia Schrenkler

Hans Buetow, the Development Coordinator for Institutional Giving seeks your feedback on our Programming and Projects Supported by Minnesota Legacy Amendment's Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund. In this written piece he explains how we share what we do, and how you can directly engage us with your perspective:

When I walk around the newsroom, the floor of the Current, or the Classical library here at MPR, I hear a consistent refrain about how much, in one specific way, radio broadcasting has changed. As people who sit alone in small rooms talking into a microphone, we used to sometimes get letters (which I loved opening) as feedback about how we were doing. Now we often get emails, tweets, likes, phone calls, text messages, and letters, often about not only how we're doing, but how we could do better. We've tried to open up the door for the listener, and are so excited that there's someone there for a dialogue.

So, because what we do isn't a one-way street anymore, we try to ask for a lot of feedback from you, our dear listeners. To that end, we have put up a new webpage that summarizes the projects we have going on that are supported by the Legacy Amendment for Arts and Cultural Heritage. On that page you can learn all sorts of cool stuff about what we're doing, and you can also let us know how you feel about that cool stuff that we're doing.

Additionally, through February 17th the Department of Administration for the State of Minnesota, who oversee the public radio grants for the Legacy Amendment, are seeking feedback on those public radio grants. If you've been touched by a Legacy-funded public radio project, please take a minute to help the department gather this important information.

We look forward to talking with you.

* Learn more about how we're using these funds to promote and preserve local arts and culture throughout the state

* Share your feedback about these projects directly with us

* By Feb 17! Complete this survey from the Department of Administration for the State of Minnesota

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