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Looking for a story you heard on MPR News? Here's how to find it.

Posted at 6:55 AM on January 9, 2012 by Julia Schrenkler

Our Member Services team supports new and existing members with many types of questions or concerns. We're posting common questions with answers from our Member Services Representative Jess Horwitz.

Dear MPR,

I can't find a story I heard on MPR. Your website is really frustrating. How do I find the story? It's not in the archive.

Our website has A LOT of content and we know it's sometimes hard to find a story you just heard on the air.

All our stories are organized by date and time, so it's helpful if you know when you heard the story. View our news schedule to see what program you were listening to. Popular programs include Midmorning, 9-11am M-F, and Midday 11-1pm, M-F.


When you've figured out what program you were listening to, you can find the story you heard. Visit the program homepage and use the calendar function to toggle between dates. This is also a good way to catch up on stories you may have missed. (Due to the copyright holdings of certain stories, we may not be able to post audio.)

If the story came to MPR from a national program, such as NPR's Talk of the Nation or Fresh Air, visit their official program pages that are linked from the MPR News schedule. Those program pages use a similar calendar function to organize their stories.

If you're still not getting the desired results, another option is contacting our friendly Member Services team. They are real people who can assist you in the search or provide more information. You can also call them at 1-800-228-7123, Monday-Friday from 8:30am-6pm.

The MPR Archive is home to nearly 5,000 stories dating back to 1972. These stories were digitized from reel-to-reel tapes. This project is by no means complete, and our archivists are regularly adding content.

What can you do with the MPR Archive? For starters, you can listen to a recording of The Morning Show with Garrison Keillor or take some time to explore the Gary Eichten Collection, highlighting Gary's 40 years with MPR. It's a great tool for research and reminiscing.

Use the Archive contact form to let us know how you've been using the Archive.

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