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Sustaining Members, discover your thank-you gift options!

Posted at 3:52 PM on October 13, 2011 by Julia Schrenkler

Our Member Services team supports new and existing members with many types of questions or concerns. During the member drive, we'll post common questions with answers from our Member Services Representative Jess Horwitz.

Dear MPR, What are my options for thank-you gifts as a sustainer?

First of all, thank you for being a Sustainer! Sustainers reduced Drive days by a full week! Prior to 2009, our drives used to total a minimum of 27 days a year (some years more than that), and they are now 20 days per year.

As a sustainer, you can request an annual thank-you gift, just like you would if you were renewing your membership. Visit the gifts page to view what's available at your contribution level, then contact Member Services to order.

If you see other merchandise you'd like, you can shop our Sustainer Gear store. Items are specially priced for Sustaining members. Contact us for the link.

Thank you for being a Sustainer. This is the beginning of a beautiful membership.

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