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Do you love books? Really, truly love them?

Posted at 9:24 AM on November 30, 2010 by Julia Schrenkler

My Love Life with Books, a post in our Minnesota Readers group on Gather.com, is written about one woman's relationship with books. I'll share some exerpts because if you love reading you might identify with her perspective:

I love reading; I thirst for books as I imagine others crave sex. When I'm not involved in a book I feel lonely and exposed.

That's pretty intense. But don't let that snippet from regular Gather contributor La Lady Lisa Westerfield lead you to believe she's not particular:

Yes, I have kicked books to the curb. Sometimes the writing was so appalling that to do less endangers me to start using bad verb usage, other times when I can't stomach the sexism, and then there are times (I'm looking at you historic classic novels) where the font is so small that I wonder if the intention of the current publisher is to insure readers will develop eye strain and headaches. Then there are books where I have ended my relationship with them abruptly and without apology.

She writes about specific disappointments, about times in her life and health when books were a comfort, about the intrigue of a new book. Read and comment on her post or share your own experience with books on mnreaders.gather.com.

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