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Discussing the Moscow Metro bombings

Posted at 11:54 AM on March 29, 2010 by Julia Schrenkler

Today at noon Minnesota Public Radio will air the BBC's World Have Your Say, as they cover the bombings in Moscow:

At least 37 people have been killed after two female suicide bombers blew themselves up in the Moscow underground during morning rush hour. No group has claimed responsibility but the Russian intelligence agency FSB said it was likely that a group from the North Caucasus are to blame. Moscow has endured a number of suicide bombings on their underground transport systems as have Mumbai and London. And, Tokyo had a sarin gas attack on their subway in 1995.

The first questions raised are who did it and why? But we also want to know your thoughts on whether governments can actually control these types of attacks? Or are some transport systems intrinsically unsafe? The suicide bombers were female, how does that play into the debate about profiling as a counterterrorism measure?

How are you reacting to the story today and does it make you think twice about using public transport?

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* BBC World Have Your Say: Attack on the Moscow underground

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