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Posted at 3:08 PM on March 11, 2010 by Julia Schrenkler

Let's look at a trio of links from around the MPR blogs.


On State of the Arts, let's see what the Art Hounds have to recommend... Fox Tax, Garbage Dreams, Banality of Love. Well, you'll have to take their words for it:


Baby, You Can Name My Car! So says Dale Connelly on Trial Balloon. He doesn't really mean it, though. He's actually asking: Does your car's name reflect who you are, or who you THINK you are? I've bookmarked the blog entry just to read all the responses.


Sadly, we close with an ending.

In The Loop host Jeff Horwich writes: In The Loop is ending. (There, I said it.). See Jeff's FAQ for more details, but rest assured both Horwich and colleague Sanden Totten continue to work for MPR on new Public Insight Journalism projects. You can find them on Twitter: @jeffhorwich and @sandentotten.

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