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Reading and sharing cold-weather survival tips

Posted at 4:39 PM on January 5, 2010 by Julia Schrenkler

20100104_iced-roads_39.JPGEver since The Christmas Snow Storm of oh-nine and the chilly winds ushering in twenty-ten we've been looking out windows and shaking our heads in weather-weary resignation. Turns out it is still too cold to clean up our icy streets and a "classic Alberta Clipper" will bring additional (albeit powdery) snow to Minnesota...so this makes today a good day to share your best cold-weather survival tip.

Some suggestions that have already appeared:

"Embrace winter in all its frosty glory. If you deny the inevitable, you just make it worse for yourself and anyone within earshot of your complaints." - Posted by Michael Venske

"One word....Scotch" - Posted by C S

"Dress appropriately! Too many people complain all winter about the weather and then go outside without a hat, scarf, or mittens - some don't even zip their coats. If you dress weather-appropriate, winter temperatures are not a problem and you can enjoy the beautiful snow!" - Posted by Sarah

Chime in with your own tips and let's look out for each other, at least virtually.

Photo by MPR's Tom Weber.

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