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Balancing privacy and protection in the air

Posted at 2:11 PM on December 29, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

After the failed Christmas Day attack on a Detroit-bound flight from Amsterdam, MPR's Midday put aviation security under the microscope. The hard look isn't just at the TSA, but at ourselves. On News Cut, Bob Collins asks are you ready to give up more privacy? Collins included an opinion poll (unscientific, open) to gauge whether privacy concerns about full-body scanning at airport checkpoints is overstated. At time of writing, 61% of respondees said that yes, it is overstated. In the comments, the subject took an interesting turn. Where do our personal responsibilities and rights begin and end? One commenter shares a suggestion:

How about we put the impetus for security on our fellow passengers, as what happened with the recent Northwest flight? Surely the threat of falling out of the sky will provoke people to prevent an attack? After all, we drive defensively, right? Why not "fly" defensively? - Posted by Tyler

Consider the implications and contribute to that discussion.

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