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Questions surrounding the Metrodome

Posted at 9:34 AM on October 2, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

"This weekend, the Minnesota Twins will celebrate their long-anticipated departure from the Metrodome, the second of three major tenants to leave the aging stadium." begins MPR's Brandt Williams, as he reports that the Twins' departure puts future of Metrodome in question. Naturally that lead me to the discussion question...What next for the Metrodome? Share your ideas on what events the dome could (or should!) host.

20091001_metrodome2_39.jpgThe Metrodome has welcomed Twins fans as part of the Minneapolis skyline since 1982. (MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson)

We also have Today's Question on MPRNewsQ.org: What's your favorite memory of baseball at the Metrodome? I laughed at this one:

"Call this my WEIRDEST Metrodome memory. It was early in the Dome's existence, on a cold April night -- glad to be indoors! -- and Dave Kingman came to bat. He swung at a pitch and it went up, and up, and up... and never came down. All he infielders stared upward, their arms outstretched. It had gone through a small hole in the fabric, and stayed there. What I can't remember is how it was ruled -- ground rule double? Foul ball? Do-over? If anyone can answer that, let me know. Only in the Dome!"
- Posted by Patrick Hirigoyen

Can anyone help Hirigoyen with an answer? I'll admit I'm stumped... and amused. Post your answer to the question (or for Hirigoyen) here.

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