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Posted at 1:41 PM on October 8, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

Let's see what surfaces on the MPR blogs...

* Polinaut Tom Scheck has the political daily digest you need, not to mention updates on politicians' intentions. Apparently they like to seek office.

* Some people don't need this, but on The Current Music Blog Barb Abney shares the my 3 song request that consists of songs that may cause obnoxious dancing.

* Paul Hutner has the Fall Color Extra on Updraft.

* Art for the White House is "more modern and abstract artwork than ever before" - you'll have to get the details from Marianne Combs on State of the Arts.

* MPR's Than Tibbetts is covering for Bob Collins on News Cut. Tibbetts has a piece on Taps for Taps, or what happens when a "digital bugle" takes the place of a person playing the customary piece at military services and funerals.

* BONUS! Speaking of people stepping up to the plate and filling in, on Trial Balloon the "Heartlanders" are filling in for Dale Connelly. Check in tomorrow for a new one and read these updates from this past week:

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